Thursday, January 30, 2014

Not Blown Away

Do days ever go by insanely fast, yet super slow at the same time? That's my week so far. I can't believe it's already Thursday, and then again, it feels like it should be Saturday by now. I have tests and studying I need to do, but friends and home slices that I need to chill with. Maybe I'll grab my girl Andrea and go on another photo shoot! Although, my cousin Jessica did shoot this lovely set of pictures! The skirt is from Forever 21 as part of their Capsule 2.1 collection, which I'm IN LOVE with. I think that windy days are the best time to wear a long, flowy skirt; it gets you noticed for sure. And I'm wearing my always lovely Ooh La Luxe bodysuit again! It's definitely my favorite.
Oh behind-the-scene photos. So many blogs are glamorous and fail to show the hardships and awkwardness that occurs at shoots. I, however, am different. I realize that my life is not truly glamorous unless I'm dressed up for a shoot. I'm creating this post in sweats for heavens sake!

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  1. Interesting look.looks good on you