Friday, February 21, 2014

Image is Everything

Today I want to talk about the ever sensitive topic, Body Image. I'm going to be honest here... The way I look at myself has fluctuated over the years. There have been times where I can say that I've honestly felt beautiful at times; I'd look in the mirror and like exactly what I saw. However, there are other times when the mirror seems to amplify every imperfection. I'll be breaking out, my makeup is caked on, my clothes just aren't fitting right and my hair can do no right. Then I'll look closer and pick out every detail that I find wrong with my body.
It's hard to feel 100% confident with your body. There's always something you'll wish to improve on. We are exposed to countless airbrushed ads and unrealistic standards. We have to realize something though... We are beautiful. It's hard to come to terms with those three words, but it's true. We should be happy with how we look, despite our imperfections, which everyone does have.

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