Thursday, August 15, 2013

Anie Songe

In a fashion blogosphere filled with crazy outfits, outrageous hairstyles and girls who buy shoes just for their photos because, let's be realistic, one girl doesn't have enough places to wear 50 pairs of six inch heels, it's always nice to return to the basics. Fresh-faced fashion blogger Anie Songe is just that. At 19 and only two months into blogging, this Czech blogger already has an amazing fashion future ahead of her.

I was able to snag an interview with Songe, blogger of Anie Songe, and I'm positive that you all are in for a treat! Without further adieu, Anie Songe!

Caged In Clothes: How long have you been running your blog for and have you ever modeled, or is it just a hobby for your blog?
Anie Songe: I started the blog only 2 months ago and the photographs are taken by my boyfriend, which has never done that before. I was never doing modeling as a professional, it has always been my hobby, and now, thanks to the blog, doing modeling makes sense to me.

CIC: What do you hope to get out of having and maintaining your blog?
Songe: I hope somebody will get interested in my work, I would like to be an inspiration to other people, and I hope I'll meet some interesting people and places.

CIC: How would you describe your personal fashion style?
Songe: I guess it's just as you can see right now. Very simple. The main thing is in which mood am I when I get up... But there's one rule. It has to be comfortable, with special little details, from nice material, which I love to combine. The most of the space in my closet is is white clothes, lace and Sifon (Don't know how to say in English). I love clothes that highlight femininity.

CIC: What is your dream job and what are you doing now to get there?
Songe: I'm sure I would like to work in fashion and design, that why I studied the design of interior and I created my blog about fashion. I would like to be a professional blogger, do articles about various events, meet interesting people... But this is really just a huge dream for now, and honestly, what blogger wouldn't like to do that?

CIC: Your skin is simply beautiful! what is your daily skin routine?
Songe: Thanks, that pleases me. It wasn't always like that, and even now I've got bad days. Thank God for the makeup. The basic thing for me is the clear skin. I use cleaning gel (Gommage Cleanser with Tea Tree Oil) and tonicum (Cleansing face Tonic) every morning and evening. Before I go to sleep I use makeup remover and once a week I use a face mask banana mix from LUSH. Of course it depends on what the weather us. In the winter I care about my skin much more than in the summer.

CIC: Where do you pull inspiration for your wardrobe? (Magazines, models, celebrities, etc).
Songe: There's no simple way how to say it. I pick up the clothes myself. My inspiration are fashion blogs, ELLE Magazine, checking new collections of some fashion brands. I always know on first sight what will be my target. For celebrities its, for example, Miranda Kerr or Blake Lively. And sometimes my inspiration is some stranger walking on the street, songs, flowers or an old case after my grandma. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to take a look.
CIC: What do you feel is a must have item for this fall?
Songe: In every case, a good suitable coat, which is a need for every season. Leather trousers, fur, for me it's a big old hat, with which I fell in love on the first sight and a lot of golden accessories. But, I have to be honest, this years autumn collection hasn't interested me really. But the accessories in it are really great and awesome.

Want more of Anie Songe? Don't lie, I know you do. Find more of her amazing work HERE on her blog, HERE on Bloglovin', HERE on Facebook and HERE on LookBook. I hope you all enjoyed this interview as much as I did!

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