Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Darkness Can Be Beautiful

 Spring has finally arrived, and, although an abundance of colors has now blossomed, the sky grows darker. Tornadoes, fast winds, devastation, all thrown on full blast this season. Hail fled from the clouds and crushed the newly risen grass and broke the branches who's xylem had finally reached the tips of even it's smallest sprigs. Oh well, with destruction comes restoration; it brings, not only communities, but strangers and outsiders together as well.

ABOUT THE LOOK: I've been so excited about spring, but it's been dark and stormy for days now. Andrea and I were going to do this shoot at the train station again, but we decided to try something new because of the way the weather was working the lighting. It made it a little mysterious, which I liked. It was a different than our normal shoots. I wore Andrea's gorgeous cutout dress that has anchors printed on it (Love it!). It matched the background quite nicely I believed. Plus, if you look closely, you can spot my newly ombred hair! It goes to red because I wanted something different and didn't want to bleach my hair. 

 BEHIND THE SCENES: Just one behind the scenes today. It was incredibly windy out and my hair swung out all around my face nearly the entire time! It's always hard to keep my lion mane under control.


  1. The 5th picture on this post is probably my favorite pic of you! woop-dee-dodo (haha, doodoo)

    -♡- Jessica