Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Add Wings, I'm a Fairy

What a cold day it was  when I took these pictures with my lovely friend, Andrea! It was a hardy 35-40 degrees out and the water in this creek... very cold. It was worth it though. Andrea and I went out to a local park to take these pictures. The headband was a DIY. We bought a bunch of fake flowers and then twisted the fake stems together. I was estatic on how it turned out! And I'm so sorry about the picture overload, I couldn't chose only a few! Tell me what you think about the pictures and Please hype it on Chictopia!

Dress: Vanity, $25
Floral Headband: Homemade


  1. So in love with this. very beautiful!

    found the route

  2. This isn't a lot of pics...you should see my blog...lol!
    Love the headpiece and these pics are gorgeous! Just subbed to get your posts to my email...

  3. I like these series of images a lot