Saturday, December 7, 2013

Faux is Fine

Here it comes; that dreaded cool winter air. Dear lord. That means she has to wear actual pants. No more skirts or dresses without tights, no being free unless you want to freeze. But, there is one good outcome of this chilly weather storming the cities... fur. No, not real fur. I'm talking the cheap $25 on sale modacrylic fur that us cheapos have come to know and love. 

ABOUT THE LOOK: Ohhhh goodness it is getting cold. Just yesterday I woke up to the streets lined with snow. That means no shorts... just leggings and fur coats! And can we talk about this for just a second? Just talk about fur? I absolutely love fur coats (faux is fine!). Not to mention that it is absolutely everywhere this winter and I am so psyched for that!