Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Motel Rocks

Cut Out Skater Dress
For the longest time, I wasn't too sure about what my personal style was. My closet was filled with everything from grunge to girly to preppy to sophisticated. I guess I liked it all. But wearing so many different styles never really let me feel like I had a true fashion identity. However, now, I've finally found it. My look is a punk grunge with a bit of hipster. Think new Miley Cyrus, but I show a little less skin.

Anyway, I've found a new online store I've gone completely bonkers over (did I just say bonkers? Oh God... it's too early) and I am so excited to introduce them to you. The store I'm talking about it Motel Rocks. Plus, if you use the code SHELBYLU at checkout, you get 20% off!

Cold Shoulder Dress

Halterneck Jumpsuit
Bernice Bralette
Leather Peplum Skirt
Dope City Tee


  1. Love your selection! I love the first one :)


  2. wow...awesome dress design and style. i love Cut Out Skater Dress & Dope City Tee.

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