Thursday, October 25, 2012

Photographer's Clothes

 Those dirty shoes. What have they been through? What's their story? And what about the girl wearing them? Who is she really? Sitting, standing, she doesn't believe that the moonlight is made for dancing; that's for the sun. It's so people can see the dance; Can see her. She wants attention, but wants to remain anonymous. She wears tight pants and a sheer blouse... her heeled boots have mud on them. Those shoes have been running, and so has her mind. Thoughts storm through her head every day, every night, every second. As you read this, she thinks. She dreams. She wishes. She wants. She blogs for you.

ABOUT THE LOOK:I can't tell you where a single thing was bought. You know my friend Andrea? The one who oh-so-very nicely takes all of my pictures? Well, yes. These are her clothes. I literally raided her closet and grabbed some cute clothes and she grabber her camera and Wha-La! Pictures!

Those moments caught on camera that... well... weren't suppose to be.

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  1. LOL. Sometimes I forget where I got my clothes too. Those shoes are fantastic, and so is that sheer blouse.
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