Thursday, May 3, 2012

Frosted in Spring

Ah Blue. There were blue skies out, blue-purple flowers in the background, I'm wearing two shades of blue and have blue eyeliner on. Oh, and I made blue lipstick. That was fun. And I'm on my roof! It's the first time I've ever been up there in my 17 years of living and I think I picked the most stupid time to climb up there. My parents were temporarily out of time and my sister was at her soccer game, AKA, it was just me. I have a neighbor though. Maybe if he heard a giant crash followed by intense screams of pain, he might have popped by.
Nevertheless, it was a beautiful day out and I had fun. Besides the fact that I went to check on the status of my RUE 21 application and I don't really think they want to hire me because I know a worker and it has to do with "Conflict of Interest" or something. I'd love to work there though:/ Do you think I'd be a good employee at RUE 21? Tell in the comments:P
And I'll get a few more pictures of them up soon, but let's talk about my shoes for a second or three. I made them myself. Not the actual shoe, no, but I decorated them and I had an idea! What if I design a lot of them and sell them. They wouldn't be like mine since they are for my Readers Theatre Group, but what do you think? Yes? No? Si? No?

Shorts: Rue 21
Everything else was gifted or handed down...
from my little sister...

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