Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Me

I'm ready for a new me. I'm so sick of being "That Girl." That girl who just does homework. That girl scared to have fun. That girl who, yes, does have a sense of fashion, but doesn't own it, at least, not yet. I'm going to use my hammer to crack this shell open and and, well... introduce myself. My makeup is darker, smokier, my wardrobe is edgier with a hint of classy, and my hair won't be put up into ponytails everyday unless it looks good with the outfit. It's my senior year, why not stand out a bit? Find myself a little before college.
I'm also going to try to save up for a better camera. This one sucks and made these pictures all noisy, so I'm sorry about that:/

If you guys want to follow me on Chictopia or/and LookBook, Please feel free to:D

Over shirt, $10, Rue 21
Jeans, $10, Playdough's Closet
Boots, $15, Factory Connection
Socks, $6, Super Target

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  1. love those boots!!! love them love them love them!!!! .)