Friday, November 11, 2011

Rockin' Rocker

I hate cold weather and that's what the weather is like right now... cold. But, cold weather is an amazing excuse to bust out my boots... well, that code for steal my mom's:) Any way, like I was saying, colder means no more shorts unless accompanied with black tights. I'm trying to figured out the whole white lace situation since, white lace is in, but who wants to wear white in the winter? I'm thinking of looking for a black lace dres, thoughts anyone?

Shirt:Wet Seal, $10
Tank Top:Rue 21, $10
Jeans: Wet Seal, $15
Shoes: Mother's
Necklaces: Grandma's :)

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  1. hey, i know you from chictopia! followed your twitter and how about following each other's blogs? :)