Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

These are my favorite pants in my closet. They have ten buttons on them and are simply beautiful... Unfortunately, They take forever to undo so I usually don't go to the bathroom all day. Today was okay though. I had an Anatomy Test that I studied HOURS for and I'm pretty sure a C+ is in my future, along with many of my classmates. I had spaghetti for lunch though so, I guess that makes up for it. For today's shoot I ratted my hair a little and put on my playdough's closet shorts I love (only $5!!), a Miley Cyrus T I got for Christmas, my moms shoes and some socks. Hope you enjoy. Follow me on twitter, @Shelbylugal

"Dear Girls, If a guy pauses a video game just to text you back, marry him."

 T-Shirt: Miley Cyrus, Walmart, $10
Socks: Target, $6
Shorts: Playdough's Closet, $5
Shoes: Mom's

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